Superior Quality Beef, Appetite Appeal

Kane Beef proudly introduces Republic Reserve, an extremely high-end beef product supplied by Texas’ best cattle producers. This program was designed with rigorous standards of both beef quality and beef production management practices to provide a product guaranteed to leave consumers satisfied and coming back for more.

Republic Reserve brings handcrafted, superior quality beef items that you would find in fine steakhouses straight to you. Enjoy the exquisite taste, flavor, and tenderness backed by generations of Texas beef producers with a heritage for excellence. When you want the best, choose Republic Reserve.

To qualify for our branded beef program, cattle need to grade in the upper two-thirds USDA Choice. Our cattle are raised and fed exclusively in Texas, making Republic Reserve a great choice for locally sourced beef. We hand select cattle with Modest or higher marbling and trim fat to a quarter inch or less for this branded beef program.

Republic Reserve is unique in that we have combined both old and new to bring you a superior beef product. What do you get when you mix advanced, modern food safety methods with age-old Texan rancher values? A luxurious eating experience.

We strive to provide consumers with a healthy, delicious, locally sourced branded beef product that is second to none.

Republic Reserve is available in an industry mix of boneless and bone-in products with a sophisticated line of steaks, roast and thin meats for a truly gourmet experience.