Bold Texas Flavor

Experience the rich heritage, and the bold flavor of Texas with Republic Reserve. Beef has been a part of the Texas legacy since the first ranches in the late 1600s, from the historic cattle drives of the Republic of Texas, to leading the nation in cattle production in present day.

Republic Reserve is proud to represent the storied heritage of the Texas beef industry with our high quality Choice beef, sourced from some of the most nostalgic ranches in the Lone Star State. Our producer partners are third, fourth and even fifth generation ranchers. These ranching families know what it takes to produce the finest beef that Texas has to offer, and take pride in continuing the ranching tradition.

Few things compare to the absolute pleasure that is eating a tender, juicy, full-flavored steak. Treat yourself to this luxury by selecting Republic Reserve for your table.

Our beef is guaranteed to provide a superior eating experience. Strict specifications and guidelines for this program mean that only 14 percent of the cattle processed by Kane Beef will qualify to be sold with the Republic Reserve label. We are proud to present you our luxury line of beef products.