Welcome to Republic Reserve

Historic cattle drives. The sound of cowboys riding the range. Dusty leather, weather-beaten cowboy hats, and well-worn saddles. That’s Texas ranching at it’s best.

White tablecloths. Fine dining establishments. Tender, juicy, robust flavored steaks. Superior eating experiences time and time again. That’s gourmet dining at it’s best.

Here at Kane Beef, we have harmoniously combined these two elements to present you with Republic Reserve.

Republic Reserve is a branded beef product that captures the spirit of the west through its rich heritage and bold Texas flavor. Experience the legacy, the legend, and the luxury of high-quality beef from Texas ranches whose roots trace back to some of Texas’ earliest ranching operations.

Multiple generations of families have worked hard to care for the cattle that produce our high-quality beef products. The relationships we have with these producers are extremely important to us. Create a connection with the heritage of these ranchers when you choose our locally produced beef for your dinner plate.